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Disc Springs to DIN 2093:
Outside Diameter 6.0mm - 250.0mm

Disc Spring Definition

Disc Spring Characteristics

Disc Springs to DIN 2093

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Description: Disc Springs to DIN 2093
Tolerances: Disc Springs to DIN 2093


Group 1 - Thickness (t) up to 1.25mm
Group 2 - Thickness (t) 1.25mm up to  6mm
Group 3 - Thickness (t) above 6mm


Disc Spring Characteristics
Disc Spring Nomenclature
Disc Spring Selection
Disc Spring Installation


Standard Range
Specialised Applications
Protective Surface Treatments


Stacking Disc Springs: Diagrams
Stacking Discs in Series
Stacking Discs in Parallel
Stacking Discs in Series and Parallel

Disc springs are conical shaped washers, designed to be loaded in the axial direction F only. They can be statically loaded, either continuously or intermittently, or cyclically deflected i.e. dynamically loaded.

Infinitely variable spring characteristics can be achieved by the arrangement of disc springs into stacked columns.

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